Words of Art Beyond The Movie.

May 11, 2016 in Uncategorized by Evan Money

My new book Words of Art Beyond The Movie is still under wraps, but due to popular demand of the movie I will share some of it here with you : )


One of the main questions I’m consistently asked as I do interviews around the world is, “Where did you get the idea for this movie?” It seems like such a simple question to answer; however, in my case it was quite a process.

The first seed was planted at Jim Rohn’s memorial service, which I attended in 2010. This was a one of a kind event with some of the biggest names in personal development, both past and present, attending and speaking. The most memorable speech for me was by Les Brown titled, Because Jim Spoke. During the talk, Les masterfully weaved that saying throughout the speech, giving specific examples of how his life was changed simply, because Jim spoke.

Later that evening, my good friend & star film composer Bryan E. Miller  bumped into Les as he was getting into his limo. He was gracious enough to stay and talk for a while. I was again, impacted and reminded where would Les be if he hadn’t heard Jim Rohn’s, Words of Art?

Now fast forward to mid 2012. I was watching a highly anticipated documentary on a subject that was near and dear to my heart. The “star,” whom made the documentary, has had great success in music, film and television. Therefore, I was really looking forward to watching their newest project.

After the film, I my first thought was “how hard can this be ? What can’t I do something like this?”  This was the same feeling I got before I started my radio show in Los Angeles back in 2004. I tell this story in detail in my first blockbuster book, Take Action Now, but the short version is simply this:

I was driving to lunch and listening to a sports talk radio show that in my opinion was lacking. So, rather than complain or do some hate blog, I took action and decided to start my own radio show. This was long before Internet radio took off in popularity. I simply called every terrestrial radio station in Los Angeles. Finally, I got a meeting with an FM station and in less than three weeks, I was on the air with my own sports talk radio show in the largest radio market in the world! Keep in mind, I had zero radio experience and never had any type of broadcast schooling.

This was the exact path I followed with this film. My first action step was to decide to actually make the movie. My next action step was to give it a title. I was not sure what I wanted to call it. A few days went by and I was in my shower. There, God literally gave me the title. He put into my mind, Words of Art. I immediately grabbed my waterproof tablet that I keep in my shower for just such occasions and I wrote the title down. I still have the piece of paper with my scribbled handwriting on it that reads, Words of Art.

My next action step was to find someone smarter than me to help me bring my vision to the big screen. I was wise enough to search out and find, one of the premier documentary directors to work with. I bumped into this director by “accident,” as I was attending an exclusive seminar for speakers and authors.

I called him a few days following the event and he said something quite interesting, and I quote: “Wow, Evan, you actually called me.” As I say in my popular seminars, many people talk about their dreams, very few take action. Thus, started this incredible journey of making, Words of Art.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the outpouring of wisdom from these remarkable thought leaders. I believe they sensed in me the true desire for learning. Because of that, they gave more than I could ever think or imagine. The downside of this unfortunately was I was not able to make a 22-hour movie. That’s how much footage we had to edit down to get to the final cut of Words of Art, a daunting task to say the least. Which is why, I’m compelled to write this book. To take you beyond the movie and share with you the wisdom and great Words of Art, that we were not able to get on the screen.

For some of these amazing artists, I have chosen to share with you their entire transcribed interview. For others, I selected only their personal insights to let you know their true heart.

Are you ready?
Then…Let’s Take Action Now!

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