The Truth about Shark Tank.

December 4, 2015 in Uncategorized by Evan Money

First off let’s be perfectly clear, this is not another jealous rant blog, the “sharks” are incredibly hard working, real entrepreneurs. Let me stress the hard working part, in fact it’s a 99.9% guarantee that they work harder than you do, even at their level of financial and business success.  Perhaps that’s why they have achieved and sustained the business success that they have. I know too many aspiring  would be entrepreneurs that want to leave the hard work part out of the equation.

The simple truth is, there is nothing real about reality T.V.  I have entered into to business discussions where first time entrepreneurs have said things like “I need to look at this deal like the sharks would.” So I explain to them that first off I’m not a shark and I’m not even in a tank. Secondly, the boring proposals or the ones the sharks don’t battle over, don’t get aired. Thirdly the sharks negotiate for 45 min to 2 hours and that gets edited down to 8 minutes or less.

The real challenge is, we live in a highlight reel world. We are only shown the end result and not all of the hard work. We totally over value the event or the show and under value the process. Here at Evan Money inc, we put on World Class game changing seminars, however it’s what you do after the event that counts. The real seminar starts when you walk out the door and Take Action on everything you have learned.

The simple truth is, there is no “magic bullet”, you have to put in the work, before, during and after. Then when you catch a break or meet a key contact or have an ah-ha moment,  you can actually apply it to something. Another way to put it is, what good are magic bullets if you don’t own a gun.

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