Today IS the best day of your life!

September 18, 2013 in Blog Posts

Today IS the best day of your life!

One of the chapters of my blockbuster book,  Take Action Now,  is all about the subject of ” Today.” In fact, if you boil it all down, ” Today ” is really what it’s all about simply because, IT’S ALL YOU HAVE TO WORK WITH! Think about it for a moment, what else do you have to work with? Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.

We have all heard the saying, yesterday  is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift so it’s called the present. This ” present ” is what one of my friends is experiencing as his daughter was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. How many ” Today’s ” are left with his daughter?

I don’t share this story as a negative but as a positive, How many ” Today’s ” do you have left?

Today really is the best day of your life, ask Steve Jobs what he would pay to have another ” Today .”  Again, today is all you have to work with, so let’s get to work. What’s the one thing you can do ” Today ” to bring you closer to your dream? Not 100 things, just one!

Today is yesterdays tomorrow, so TAKE ACTION NOW and starting turning your dreams into action, then they will become a reality.

If you would like to see a fun video about a totally broke young married couple that constantly was embarrassed in the grocery store because they had to put food back due to the lack of money on their debit card, to building a multimillion dollar empire and living their wildest dreams , CLICK HERE day is yesterdays tomorrow, so TAKE ACTION NOW and starting turning your dreams into action, then they will become a reality.

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You don’t have to be qualified to be GREAT!

October 2, 2013 in Blog Posts


Sam Wyche leafed through his mail late one afternoon and opened not one,  but two rejection letters, both from local High Schools regarding their Football Head Coaching positions. Sam was devastated! Both letters stated he was NOT QUALIFIED to coach at the High School level. After a few hours of soul searching  and skipping dinner because he was so sick to his stomach, the phone rang. On the other end of the line was the soon to be legendary PRO football coach of the San Fransisco 49ers, Bill Walsh.

Bill Walsh is considered one of the greatest minds in football history, what made him so great is being able to see greatness in others! What a school board saw as NOT QUALIFIED, Bill saw GREATNESS!Bill was not calling to console Sam, in fact, Bill called to HIRE Sam as an offensive assistant coach. Bill wanted Sam to work with their new draft pick , the now Hall of Famer Joe Montana! In just 3 short seasons,  Sam helped the 49ers to their first Super Bowl and 2 years later, Sam was the Head Coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. Too bad Sam wasn’t qualified for High School Football : )

This blog isn’t about football as you may think, it’s about the greatness in YOU! Stop listening to the “school board”, GOD CREATED YOU FOR GREATNESS! It’s already in you, you just have to let it out. Stop hiding in your cubical or hiding behind your family responsibilities. Let your GREATNESS out, start taking action on all the great ideas you have. What if Walt Disney never took action on his “crazy idea” of a family theme park, I.E. Disneyland.  Of course everyone thought that he was crazy, until he built it : )   The “school board” thought Bill Walsh was crazy, until the 49ers won the Super Bowl. People thought my friend Steve Thompson was crazy for getting involved in Relationship Marketing with a newly formed energy company, now $10,000,000 richer and over 100,000 downline later,  it turned out to be wise choice.

What is your “crazy  GREAT idea?”  Take Action on it today! Let your greatness out, you will be so glad you did. Make sure to invite me to the Grand Opening of your business, the opening of you movie or play, your awards banquet or the Super Bowl!

Evan Money is a Bestselling Author, Global Entrepreneur, Executive Producer and star of the new movie (crazy idea)  ”Words of Art”… starring Joel Osteen, Tom Ziglar, Zig Ziglar, Darren Hardy and

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Your job is what your paid for, your dream is what your made for!

October 13, 2013 in Blog Posts

Is it possible that your relationships are suffering for the simple fact that your are not living your dream? I have a dear friend who married the woman of dreams, has 2 wonderful kids and lives in a great house right by the beach. But he chose the “perceived security” of a cubicle job instead of his real dream of owning a business.  Now as his frustration mounts he is turning to porn and his marriage is paying the price.

Simply put, your not really you if your not living your God given dream. The challenge is, most people are not living their dream, any wonder why the divorce rate is so high? Why drug abuse and porn are at an all time high? These are the things people use to cope and they really don;t work that well.

Stay out of this trap! You were made for great things, you can feel it inside you, trying to get out. Let your greatness out, the world needs your light to shine. Some people ask me why the world is so dark, I simply tell them that it wouldn’t be that way if we let our lights shine. There is no battle of light and darkness, THE LIGHT ALWAYS WINS. The only way it doesn’t is if we don’t live our dreams.

Your job is what your paid for, your dream is what your made for!

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Obstacles really are Opportunites in disguise!

October 13, 2013 in Blog Posts


This is great subject to speak from the stage about and blog on as well, but only after you have seen the opportunity! When your face to face with the obstacle it can be downright discouraging and for many fatal. Not fatal as in your death but in the death of your dream. Too often , we think that if we are living our dreams, it’s suppose to be like the yellow brick road where everything is clearly marked and sun is always shinning. Hey, even Dorthy had her share of obstacles on the yellow brick road.

Another interesting comparison is to working out with any kind of weight training. The whole goal is to add resistance and then to actually  add more as you go, makes perfect sense in the gym. But the second we step out of the gym we all want the ” resistance” to go away and if we encounter it,  we feel over whelmed and want to give up on our dreams. How crazy is that, but it’s the way most of us think.

I want to encourage you to seek and find the opportunities that are waiting for you. Learn to recognize the disguises that opportunity comes in  and be prepared to take action on them! The world needs you to live your dream!



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Don’t Stop Believing.

October 15, 2013 in Blog Posts

As iconic as the hit song from Journey is with the same title, we won’t be doing a sing along today. Rather,  I’m going to encourage you to “Don’t Stop Believing in Yourself!”  Which of course is the hardest thing to do most times. It’s always easier to believe in others or believe in cause or a team, but it when comes to believing in ourselves, it’s so easy to just give up hope.

The biggest reason for this I believe,  is because we are not able to see our own progress. How many times have you worked extremely hard on a dream or passion and then simply fissiled out because of a perceived lack of progress, only to be totally revived by an breakthrough e-mail or phone call weeks or months later?  I got one of those just last week and it was a huge blessing. Then I started thinking, this call didn’t just pop up out of the blue, it was a direct result of the hard work I put in or to use a classic metaphor the seeds I planted.  So why did I “Mr. Positive” stop believing?  Simple, I wasn’t seeing any results from the seeds I planted, truth be told I wasn’t seeing INSTANT results.

The results were there and the seeds I planted were sprouting, but I wanted 100′ tall redwood trees overnight. Which I have gotten before, but in this case that wasn’t happening,  so I stopped believing. Now to my credit, I didn’t stop taking action or believing in the whole project, I simply focused my energies elsewhere. When low and behold I get a call and my 100′ redwood tree has finally sprouted up. It was growing all the time but because I couldn’t see it, I assumed nothing was happening.

So here are the 2 key take aways. #1. You are closer than you think and you can’t see you own progress, just like piloting an airplane , at 20,000 feet the ground is so small it looks like your making super slow progress, yet from the ground looking up, your screaming across the sky! So keep believing!  #2. Never stop taking action!  The only way you can fail is if you stop taking action. You may need to go in a different direction but if you take action, the world is yours!

Evan Money is a Bestselling Author, Global Entrepreneur and Executive Producer of the new movie ” Words of Art ” starring Joel Osteen, Tom Ziglar, Zig Ziglar and more.

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Dreamer to Doer

October 15, 2013 in Uncategorized


Most people talk about their dreams, others make them come true. This a classic shot from the Evan archives of me playing football inside the world famous Staples Center. At the time,  it was the home to the Los Angeles Avengers arena football team. I had always dreamed of playing pro football, the only way for this dream to come true was for me to rent out the Staples Center myself, and play football with my friends. A perfect example of Dreamer to Doer.

I would challenge you to look back and see all the times you took a dream to a reality. For some of you, you may have to think back to grade school or even farther back, but you have done it. Now it’s just a matter of doing it again. Sound too simple?  First off you must remember that it is possible!!!!  In fact I would write that on your mirror in dry erase pen, IT IS POSSIBLE! Just reading those powerful words will lift your spirits and it will put you in the right mindset to go from dreamer to doer.

Next you must remember that God would have not given you the dream unless you were able to do it! Think about all the iconic figures in the Bible, they all argued with God about their limitations and lack of qualifications, sound familiar?  Wait, I already know what your thinking, ” I tried and it didn’t work.”  Let’s clarify, it didn’t work or you stopped working? Hmmmmm.  For many of us,  we have stopped 3 feet from gold, a good book by the way. The basic story is about a guy who sold everything to join the “Gold Rush” in the west. Like many, he found a little trail of gold but then it dried up, also like many, he sold the land and took his losses and went back home. Only to discover that the guy who bought the land,  dug down another 3 feet further and found the largest gold mine the world had ever seen.

Ouch! The good news is, the man didn’t become bitter or wallow in his woe is me, life is so unfair mantra. Rather he vowed he would never stop digging, in his case he became a insurance salesman who never took no for an answer. The result, he become the most successful insurance salesman in the country!

So let’s focus on turning your dreams into reality, the simple formula is to Take Action! And continue to Take Action some more. In the process you will discover yourself going from Dreamer to Doer.

Evan Money is a Bestselling Author, Global Entrepreneur and Executive Producer of the new movie ” Words of Art ” starring Joel Osteen, Tom Ziglar, Zig Ziglar and more.

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Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself!

October 20, 2013 in Blog Posts, Slider, Uncategorized

George Bernard Shaw was right! Life isn’t about fining yourself, it’s about creating yourself. Once I figured this out, my life skyrocketed to greatness in The Three Pillars of True Success, Health, Relationships and Finances.  You see finding myself was not the issue, the issue was, I didn’t like what I found.  Once I figured out that I could re-invent myself at anytime, the chains of poverty were broken and I was free.

The new testament tells the true story of the greatest personal reinvention of all time, Saul to Paul. For those not familiar, Saul was basically a real life version of Darth Vader, searching his known galaxy looking to  persecute, imprison and kill any followers of Jesus he could find. Then in one 30 second encounter on the road to Damascus, Saul transformed into Paul, the greatest champion and proclaimers of Jesus ever known. God really does delight in people taking u-turns.

My u-turn wasn’t as dramatic as Paul’s and yet in a way it was. I went from being part of the problem: Thinking only of myself, blaming and rebelling against the “system” that was causing all my “bad breaks.” To boldly proclaiming the truth of the Three Pillars of True Success: Health, Relationships and Finances. I even have a new movie coming out, Words of Art, starring Joel Osteen, Zig Ziglar (and his son Tom), Denis Waitley and Daren Hardy.

The purpose of this blog is to let you know, that the chains of mediocrity or the chains of poverty that have you held down in your Health, Relationships and Finances can be broken TODAY!  That’s right, Take Action and break the chains today, I give you full permission to reinvent yourself.  If you ever thought about changing your name as part of this process, Take Action and do it. If you ever thought of moving to the city of your dreams, Take Action and do it, if you ever thought of starting that business, Take Action and do it! No matter what you need to do to start creating your true self, Take Action and do it now!

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You always LOSE when you keep score!

November 20, 2013 in Blog Posts

    I recently did a talk on my 10 greatest learning lessons for my VIP and Premium members.

One of these I will share with you today:

Sow Seeds that benefit others.

This was the learning lesson John Maxwell taught me and not just to sow seeds that benefit others but NOT TO KEEP SCORE!

You always LOSE when you keep score.

To often people will help others but secretly expect something in return, I.E. Keeping Score.  This is the worst scenario possible, pretending that your not keeping score and then hold a grudge when that person doesn’t return the favor. If you find yourself in this trap, your better off to call the person and say “ Hi Joe, good news, I have a new client I’d like to send you, what can we work on the back end for me?”  This avoids so many challenges when your simply upfront.

Of course the real blessing and the real growth comes when you can simply send the person to Joe and do it just for the joy of it. The term sowing seeds really says it all, when you sow a seed, you don’t dig it up to check on it. You plant it and forget about it, then in a few days, weeks or months, depending on the crop, Voila!

Just to be clear, I have business contracts in place where I get back end % bonuses when I refer clients to certain people. This isn’t what I’m talking about, I’m talking about when you take the time to introduce a friend to another friend or associate  who would never be able to get that connection if it wasn’t for you. I’m talking about giving someone a chunk of your time without charging them because they really want and will apply the help.  Many people do these things but then they “poison the well” by expecting something in return.

True joy is doing things for people that they couldn’t and wouldn’t do for themselves, without keeping score.

Carrying around score cards slows you down and drains your energy, Take Action and throw away all your score cards today.

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It’s an inside game.

December 21, 2013 in Uncategorized


  Many people ask me how I’m able to connect and hang out with great people like Malcolm Gladwell (pictured above) or Joel Osteen or… enough with the name dropping, you get the idea.The simple blog answer ( 500 words or less) is that it’s an inside game.  I changed my mindset back in my early twenties, this gradual mindset shift allowed me to create the life of my dreams.

As I started Taking Action, incredible doors of opportunity started to open for me. Then I took more action and walked through them. These doors are open for you as well, however you can not see them or you are not taking action and walking through them. I can imagine the question you would like to ask is: ” Evan, how do I see these doors, how do I get the money to make my dreams come true?”  The answer is, it’s an inside game!

A man called me recently looking for $20,000,000 in funding for his business. I suggested a good book for him to read that would really help him, his reply was quite interesting. ” Look Evan, I don’t want to read anything, I don’t have to to, I just need $20,000,000 to get my business funded.”  The truth of the matter is, the ones with the $20,000,000 to lend have read the book I suggested to him.  Too bad this mans current mindset won’t allow him to succeed.

Once you change on the inside, the outside will automatically change. William James said it the best, ” You cannot travel within and stand still without ” or another way he says it is “Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves, they therefore remain bound.”

Take Action and the World is yours, the first thing you can take action on is improving yourself.


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Resolution or Resignation ?

January 17, 2014 in Uncategorized



Here we are, two weeks after our lofty New Years resolutions, how are things working for you?

Tough question for many of us, however this is the most critical time, will you choose to continue to Take Action on your resolutions or simply resign to another year of mediocrity? It doesn’t matter what happened today or yesterday, what matters is what you choose to do now!  The good news is, you are not a victim, you have full control, choose the path of taking action on your resolutions.

My amazing bride is a perfect example, a few years ago she chose to get into world class shape. She has always been in good shape but she wanted to move to greatness for her 40th birthday and a high end professional photo shoot. After the shoot she made a critical mistake and did not set another goal,  so she let her workouts and regular runs slip. Then recently she had some health challenges and was unable to workout at all, which of course compounded everything. It turned out the health challenges were self imposed and stress related from trying to be “the perfect home school Mom.”  One of her side effects is, she becomes dizzy when her hear rate increases, which makes it very uncomfortable to run and work out since the whole point is to raise your heart rate.  Realizing that working out, although uncomfortable,  will only help her body, she has recently been taking power walks and going to a special area in our neighborhood that has a 100 step staircase. Her goal is to simply walk up the stairs once, however each time she has done it 3 or 4 times. Her mindset is simply to stick with her resolution of climbing the stairs once, that’s it, but each time 1 becomes 2 and 2 becomes 3.

It works the same way with negative behaviors, 1 drink or bite becomes 2 and then 3 etc… The key is to use it to your favor instead of your frustration, choose to take action on your resolutions instead of taking action on negative behaviors. You can do it! I believe in you!

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