Ultimate Mastermind Groups


The thinking that created your current level of success won’t get you to the next level.

The great Jay Abraham said “Knowledge that is theoretical is dangerous, wisdom that is experiential is priceless.” Unlike normal masterminds, we create a true “Braintrust” of the highest caliber. The exact Braintrust format used by Pixar to create over 10 billion dollars at the box office and 17 consecutive hit movies will be available to you. Imagine the levels of greatness you can achieve with this power.  Each Braintrust consists of a Expert Panel hand picked by Evan Money himself to match the needs of each group. Evan will bring people who have had massive success in all areas of their lives (Health, Relationships,Finances, Business, Faith) and are committed to helping you to the next level and beyond.

Qualifications are stringent and you may not be chosen, however acceptance is not based on your net worth, rather your self worth.

The Ultimate Mastermind Group is a gathering of special people that want to grow and learn from each others best practices in life, specifically health, relationships, finances, business and faith. As well as, learn from our Expert Panels mistakes. When your successful, most people party, when you face failure, most of us ponder. The mistakes made by our expert panel alone are priceless learning tools. Will you be one of the lucky few who benefits from the experience and insight of this program?

We are are looking for select individuals who are ready to climb the peak of greatness in all areas of their life.

Some participants may just want to come and “hang out” with me & the ultra successful expert panel. But those who implement the powerful strategies that will be revealed to them — will receive stunning results! The supportive coaching, mentoring and iron sharpening iron, will pay off  “like a winning Lotto ticket.”

So if your serious about reaching levels in your health, relationships, finances and faith, that you never thought possible, then I invite you to apply.

We have new groups forming now:

 GOLD- You’ll invest a quarterly tax deductible participation fee of $4,997 or all in advance for the special V.I.P rate of $16,000.

 ELITE- You’ll invest a quarterly tax deductible participation fee of $9,997 or all in advance for the special V.I.P rate of $35,000.

Plus – if you ARE accepted and invited into the group, you’ll be expected to stay the distance, meaning you’ll attend our 3 in person group meeting sessions here in Los Angeles, at my favorite 5 Star resort in the exact board room pictured above , and every live monthly coaching call on the months in between the in-person meetings, and you’ll pay for the entire, 12-month process.

If you’re at all tentative, uncertain or concerned about yourself, your finances or the expert panels ability to add enormous value, please don’t even apply for consideration. No one will try to sell you on participating.

E-mail: mastermind@evanmoney.com for an application or call (310)-750-6219