Dreams Come True

“Life is about serving others and living your dreams, true greatness is doing both at the same time.”

A few of my Dreams Come True are below, I look forward to seeing all of yours come to pass:


You have to wear “The Gold” on the inside before you can wear it on the outside:

I always dreamed of playing basketball in the Staples Center, so I decided to rent it out and play a game with my friends:
Back Camera

 Having Fun with Make a Wish Founder Frank Shankwitz:


Real Wealth! My precious daughter:

                                                                                                     $ ashley hug2

I always dreamed of playing Pro Football, so I decided to rent out the Staples Center and enjoy a game of Arena Football with my friends:

Having fun with the iconic Jack La Lane:


NBA star Kevin Durant shows major support with his Evan Money necklace:

$ Kevin Durant

My bride and I renew our vows every year in a different state or country:

vow renewal atlantis

Beauty and the Beast inspired stained glass window showing our favorite renewals:

$ stained glass

Sitting on the front row at Lakewood church and sharing insights with Joel Osteen:

Joel2 Joel



Enjoying an afternoon with my hair mentor Malcolm Gladwell:


UGG Boot founder Brian Smith and I both started our first business on a shoe string budget and a prayer.

As part owner of The Green Bay Packers, I found a way to live my Super Bowl dream:

Evan Money Super Bowl Ring

My bride always dreamed of going to the American Idol Finale:

$ idol

  On the Red Carpet for the Words of Art premiere and kissing my bride:

Words of Art Red Carpet

I always dreamed of flying in a private plane, a fun get away trip to Las Vegas for the Arena Bowl:

Sierra Exif JPEG

Fun with my family, the legacy of health:

$flex_family copy

Co-Founded the Personal Growth Hall of Fame with Greg S. Reid:

Class of 2015 Les Brown, Denis Waitley & Bob Proctor


1428371391 Hall of Fame proctorL personal growth hall of fame denis


I was the first person to ever play Paintball while bunjee jumping:

 Have you ever had a dream car from your childhood?

I can show you how to put that car in your driveway! Below is my Batmobile & Mach 5 from Speed Racer:


Ever dream of making a movie ?  I have the financing to make it come true.

Words of Art-Trailer from Creative Realm Entertainment on Vimeo.

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