Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself!

October 20, 2013 in Blog Posts, Slider, Uncategorized by Evan Money

George Bernard Shaw was right! Life isn’t about fining yourself, it’s about creating yourself. Once I figured this out, my life skyrocketed to greatness in The Three Pillars of True Success, Health, Relationships and Finances.  You see finding myself was not the issue, the issue was, I didn’t like what I found.  Once I figured out that I could re-invent myself at anytime, the chains of poverty were broken and I was free.

The new testament tells the true story of the greatest personal reinvention of all time, Saul to Paul. For those not familiar, Saul was basically a real life version of Darth Vader, searching his known galaxy looking to  persecute, imprison and kill any followers of Jesus he could find. Then in one 30 second encounter on the road to Damascus, Saul transformed into Paul, the greatest champion and proclaimers of Jesus ever known. God really does delight in people taking u-turns.

My u-turn wasn’t as dramatic as Paul’s and yet in a way it was. I went from being part of the problem: Thinking only of myself, blaming and rebelling against the “system” that was causing all my “bad breaks.” To boldly proclaiming the truth of the Three Pillars of True Success: Health, Relationships and Finances. I even have a new movie coming out, Words of Art, starring Joel Osteen, Zig Ziglar (and his son Tom), Denis Waitley and Daren Hardy.

The purpose of this blog is to let you know, that the chains of mediocrity or the chains of poverty that have you held down in your Health, Relationships and Finances can be broken TODAY!  That’s right, Take Action and break the chains today, I give you full permission to reinvent yourself.  If you ever thought about changing your name as part of this process, Take Action and do it. If you ever thought of moving to the city of your dreams, Take Action and do it, if you ever thought of starting that business, Take Action and do it! No matter what you need to do to start creating your true self, Take Action and do it now!

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