In Sight, In Stomach.

December 29, 2015 in Uncategorized by Evan Money

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The #1 New Years resolution is always to “lose weight.” Question for all my intelligent readers around the world, what do you do the second you lose something?  That’s right, you go and look for it, no wonder you always gain the weight back. Words are dream makers or destiny breakers, so start using words that work. Remove “lose weight” from your vocabulary and replace that with “shed weight.” Do you ever look for the dead skin cells you shed?

Since we have gotten past that, lets remember that if it’s in sight, it’s in your stomach.  Do you think grocery stores accidentally put certain food items at the check out stations? What about in your own kitchen? A recent multi-million dollar clinical survey mapped out peoples kitchen in a large metropolitan area.  The wanted to know if it was the size of the kitchen or the appliances that had anything to do with people who were lean or those who were obese. What they discovered was extraordinary! The one consistent thing they discovered was that the obese people all had some type of snack food visible in their kitchen. Be it potato chips or even breakfast cereal, on the counter or on top of the fridge, it was somewhere in plain sight. What was in sight was in their stomach. So they key take away is, if you have to have food that is visible, make it fruit and vegetables only.

The next simple step to help you shed your weight, is simply not to buy it. If it’s not in your fridge, then you can’t eat it!  This is why online grocery shopping can be such an asset, just purchase healthy food and skip all the junk food and toxic snacks. For all my football fans, there is something about eating snacks while watching the game that enhances the experience. I get it!  I crave the BIG 3 as much as you do: SUGAR, SALT, FAT. Combine all three in one food and whoo hooo!!!!  Let’s stop now before we get too crazy. Instead of watching the game empty handed, I grab sugar snap peas and hummus. Low fat, low calorie, full flavor and it feels like snacking since it’s a finger food. So remember, if it’s in sight it’s in your stomach, so just have good but flavorful things in sight or in your pantry & fridge.

2016 will be your greatest year ever! Only if you Take Action on your intentions.

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