Dreamer to Doer

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Most people talk about their dreams, others make them come true. This a classic shot from the Evan archives of me playing football inside the world famous Staples Center. At the time,  it was the home to the Los Angeles Avengers arena football team. I had always dreamed of playing pro football, the only way for this dream to come true was for me to rent out the Staples Center myself, and play football with my friends. A perfect example of Dreamer to Doer.

I would challenge you to look back and see all the times you took a dream to a reality. For some of you, you may have to think back to grade school or even farther back, but you have done it. Now it’s just a matter of doing it again. Sound too simple?  First off you must remember that it is possible!!!!  In fact I would write that on your mirror in dry erase pen, IT IS POSSIBLE! Just reading those powerful words will lift your spirits and it will put you in the right mindset to go from dreamer to doer.

Next you must remember that God would have not given you the dream unless you were able to do it! Think about all the iconic figures in the Bible, they all argued with God about their limitations and lack of qualifications, sound familiar?  Wait, I already know what your thinking, ” I tried and it didn’t work.”  Let’s clarify, it didn’t work or you stopped working? Hmmmmm.  For many of us,  we have stopped 3 feet from gold, a good book by the way. The basic story is about a guy who sold everything to join the “Gold Rush” in the west. Like many, he found a little trail of gold but then it dried up, also like many, he sold the land and took his losses and went back home. Only to discover that the guy who bought the land,  dug down another 3 feet further and found the largest gold mine the world had ever seen.

Ouch! The good news is, the man didn’t become bitter or wallow in his woe is me, life is so unfair mantra. Rather he vowed he would never stop digging, in his case he became a insurance salesman who never took no for an answer. The result, he become the most successful insurance salesman in the country!

So let’s focus on turning your dreams into reality, the simple formula is to Take Action! And continue to Take Action some more. In the process you will discover yourself going from Dreamer to Doer.

Evan Money is a Bestselling Author, Global Entrepreneur and Executive Producer of the new movie ” Words of Art ” starring Joel Osteen, Tom Ziglar, Zig Ziglar and more.

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