Dr. Action.

October 27, 2015 in Uncategorized by Evan Money

A few days ago at my one of kind Live Your Dream Seminar, I was bestowed with any Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy. Very humbling and exciting at the same time. My bride suggested they redo it to a Doctorate of Taking Action. Wouldn’t that be a great degree to have! During our seminar, all the World Class speakers had a single thread throughout all their talks, how they got from ground zero to living their dream was taking action.

Action is the only thing that is separating you and your dreams from coming to pass. And the only person that can control your actions, is you! In fact you can only control two things in this life, your actions and your attitude. I remember Dr. Denis Waitley sharing with me a story about when his whole house burned down. The entire neighborhood was out on the street watching the house go up in flames,  someone came up to console Denis and say how sorry they were. Denis responded by saying: “This is the best fire I ever had, now I don’t have to clean the garage.”  Now that’s controlling your attitude.

Back around 2005 I would often listen to sports talk radio after my personal growth CD’s. I always seemed to catch the same host talking and I remember thinking, if this guy can do this, how hard can it be? My dream of being a sports talk radio show host was born and in less than 3 weeks, I had my own show on a FM station in the largest radio market in the U.S.  Get this, I had no previous experience and no schooling in radio. I simply took action and my dream came to pass. Really it was that simple, check out Take Action Now for more stories like this.

Now it’s your turn, what dream are you going to Take Action on today?

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