How can you go on a two week diet when you only live one day at a time?

June 2, 2014 in Uncategorized by Evan Money


So many people get worked up about a two week crash diet or a 30 day juice fast or a ( insert latest fad diet here ). What is interesting, is that the root word for diet is diata in Greek, which means way of life. The whole premise of The One Day Diet is realizing that all you have is today, you can’t eat tomorrows meal today, however many still try. You can only eat one meal at a time, so just focus on the current meal you are about to eat and say this to yourself; Just for today I’m going to eat an apple instead of a doughnut. That’s it, no pressure, just for today… Then you just repeat this tomorrow and the next day and the next day. Pretty soon a year has gone by and you have eaten 365 apples, how much leaner and healthier will your body be having digested 365 apples instead of 365 doughnuts? Think about that for a moment.

The good news is, it really is that simple, however I do understand for many people it’s not what they are eating but it’s what’s eating at them. I see so many people that are carrying around 40 or more pounds of unforgiveness. That’s right, it’s not a food thing, its a forgiveness thing. Forgiveness is the fountain of youth, forgiveness is the magic bullet that everyone is looking for. If you don’t believe me, prove it to yourself, Take Action and forgive the people in your life today that are causing you so much pain. Even if they are dead or you have no idea how to get a hold of them, you can at least write a letter of forgiveness to them right now. This letter is the first step of the miracle known as the forgiveness process. Since this is a blog and not a book, I encourage you to live your life to a higher standard and refuse to burdened by any more unforgiveness. This is the greatest journey you can take. Find the books, seminars, interviews and movies that will help you in your quest to eradicate unforgiveness from your life. One tool is the book Take Action Now it’s a great start and it covers the letter writing process in more detail. Other good books on forgiveness are any by Joel Osteen. He has such an easy going non threatening style that makes forgiving that much easier. No matter what resource you choose, choose to Take Action and make your life better.

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Are you blinded to opportunites?

June 27, 2014 in Uncategorized by Evan Money

The truth of the matter is, all of us are like this horse in some way or another. We have massive opportunities for wealth and happiness pass right by us and we don’t even know they were there. Simply because we couldn’t see them with our ” blinders on.” So the question begs, how do we take these stupid things off? Before we go there we must take full responsibility for putting the blinders on in the first place. This can be very challenging for some. It’s much easier to blame the government, the economy, our competitors etc. However the first step to taking the blinders off, is to look in the mirror and apologize to yourself for putting them on in the first place.  The blinders are the mindset we choose to have, that’s right they are a choice and now we must choose to take them off.

Currently you may be in a survival mindset, everything is about you, it’s all about getting yours and everyone getting out of your way as your drive to work because you have bills to pay. When your in this mindset your literally blinded to the world of opportunities you pass every day. If your focused on honking at the car in front of you to move so you can get one car length ahead, you will miss the for sale by owner sign for a massively under-priced piece of property. If your so focused on getting yours and what you deserve, you will go straight from work to the bar to catch the game and “down a few” to relax from your stressful day,  instead of reading an article that shares insights about a undervalued stock.  At this same bar your so focused on your physical or emotional desires that you settle for anyone that looks good on the outside. Where as you fail to notice out the window a stranded man or woman with a flat tire, who is both beautiful on the inside and the outside and who has a hugely loving & successful family wanting to dote on their future son or daughter in law.

If your already married with children, a similar scenario may play out. You miss the for sale sign because your so worried about all your debt and over due bills, and even if you see the sign, you talk yourself right out of any opportunity by saying, “I don’t have any money” or “real estate is for those smart guys on the infomercials.” This can also happen when your children excitedly come up and jump on you, spill your drink and say ” daddy, daddy or mommy, mommy come play with us.” But your too busy watching your game or your favorite show to enjoy this magic moment with them. When all too soon those magic moments will be grown up and out of the house.

Keep in mind, this isn’t some guilt trip blog, it’s simply reminding you to look in the mirror and take your blinders off , this way you can see all the amazing gifts you already have and all opportunities that surround you everyday. Wisdom is knowing what we saw, Vision is knowing what we see, Sapere Vedere (a cool Latin word ) means knowing how to see. Change your mindset and you will change your life.

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Don’t listen to yourself, talk to yourself instead.

July 15, 2014 in Uncategorized by Evan Money


Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones said: “Most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself rather than talking to yourself.” Think about it, when you’re discouraged, you wake up in the morning and right away, there are streams of thought coming into your mind. You haven’t invited them; you didn’t ask for them; you are not consciously doing anything to produce them; they just come! They start talking to you and for whatever reason they are negative self defeating thoughts.

I encourage you not to listen to the negative chatter but instead talk to yourself. You don’t have to worry about memorizing some long PMA mantra. You can simply say, “I will not be denied” or “I can do it.”  Just hearing yourself say the word “I can do it” can snap you out of any mental funk. Take Action and do it right now, say the words “I can do it.” If your at work or there are a lot of people around, just whisper it and watch what happens.

If you’re a person of faith one of my favorites is “This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Sadly most people don’t have time to rejoice or be glad,  they are too busy listening to themselves. Choose to live a happier life and talk positive to yourself, it will make all the difference.

“Talk to yourself once in a day… Otherwise you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world.” – S. Vivekananda

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Is Robin Williams Happy Now?

August 17, 2014 in Uncategorized by Evan Money


Robin Williams truly had it all, or did he? Many of you reading this blog have no doubt scratched your head, wondering why someone who had all the these great things on the outside, FAME, MONEY, RESPECT & ADMIRATION from fans , critics and colleagues, still wasn’t happy. Let’s look at these outside things a little more closely so you can fully grasp all that he had.

Fame: Robin Williams had the best kind of fame, he could go outside and not get mobbed, he wasn’t like Micheal Jackson where people would freak out if they saw him. Everyone would just thank him and tell him how much they loved his work. If Robin was having a tough day he could  just go outside to a public place. Everyone who talked with him would thank him for his work and share how much he touched their lives. How cool is that, what if you could do that?  Instant feedback on one the major questions of life we ask ourselves:  Does what I’m doing matter?   He could do that everyday.

Money: It’s safe to assume that Robin didn’t blow through all his cash and his suicide wasn’t to escape bankruptcy.

Respect & Admiration: This is huge, fans are one thing but when you have the respect from your colleagues and critics, that is rare air. Look at Joel Osteen, he has massive haters, 90% of them are from other pastors. Robin was truly a respected and admired artist, it wasn’t like he was sifting through mountains of hate mail and hate blogs like Joel. He also wasn’t a famous painter who needed to die to get his work recognized, he won an Oscar, multiple Golden Globes, Emmy’s and Grammy’s. Who else has this type of wide spread recognition?

So now we are back at square one, what happened? What did Robin miss?  Clearly its not what you get that makes you valuable, it’s what you become that make you valuable. Perhaps behind closed doors Robin didn’t like who he became. It’s also clear that the outside doesn’t change the inside, so many people think if I become a millionaire then I’ll be happy. Or if I can just win an Oscar,  if I can get my business to certain level, if I can just have kids, if I can find a mate, THEN I WILL BE HAPPY!  Happiness is an inside job, what if you had it all but you just didn’t know it?

Take a moment to ask yourself, who do I love and who loves me?  That’s always a great question to ask. Now decide today to TAKE ACTION and not be like Robin Williams, decide to grow on the inside and discover what it takes to truly love yourself. Because the great gift of all can happen to you, learning to love yourself, is the greatest gift of all.

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Weak men wait for opportunities, strong men make them!

September 9, 2014 in Uncategorized by Evan Money




This is a great quote from Orison Swett Marden ( yes that’s the right spelling) and it’s difficult to stay on the couch after reading it. As you know I’m a huge promoter of Taking Action.  It’s one of the rare things you can actually control in your life, that and your attitude are about it. Can you control the stock market? Obviously not! What about your spouse or kids? Let’s all take a big laugh on that one. The weather? Your employees or boss? Need I say more.

So we all know we should Take Action but what stops us? The integrity driven CEO of Office Max Sam Duncan said “I can’t think of a single instance where I regretted taking action.”  One of the biggest things that stops people is that they don’t associate with people who do take action. One reason is, it’s hard to keep up with us : )  Another thing that limits people is that they don’t read books or great quotes that inspire them to take action in spite of the mountains they may face. Speaking of which, here is one of my favorites from Ronald Regan: “While it’s said that faith can move mountains, Walt Disney never tried. Instead, he built his own mountains…”  Walt literally changed the world by Taking Action on his “crazy” dream of Disneyland. Myself and my children are so glad he did.

What dream of yours are you sitting on? What dream of yours, little or big, will make the world a better place? It’s time to bring it to pass, it’s time to get off the couch, what is the one thing you can do today to bring you one step closer to your dream?

I highly recommend the book Take Action Now, sure it’s a plug, but if you read the book it will change your density. How many people can make that claim and back it up?

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The truth about problems ( challenges).

October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized by Evan Money

Think about your biggest problem ( challenge) you have right now, for some you were hoping to escape it for a few moments by reading this blog. I know, but it will get better I promise. So all of us have these big looming problems ( challenges) and the good news is, they will be resolved. For some it will be today ( amen) and for others it will be next week or next month or even next year but eventually the challenge will be overcome. However, like magic a brand new challenge will appear to replace the old one, welcome to life on planet earth. So the best way to overcome this cycle of challenges is to simply choose to be happy, right now!

There is no way to happiness, rather happiness is the way! 

So many people use alcohol, drugs, food, sex, shopping or whatever to deal with the cycle of challenge after challenge. The painless way is to simply choose to be happy! I had a vendor comment one day about my attitude, he said: ” I have never seen anyone so happy about a problem before.” My response is what I’m sharing with you, getting upset just makes it more painful. It doesn’t mean I’m happy about a costly delay or a blown business deal or whatever the challenge may be. It just means I’m still happy about me and my life. Yes I still get angry at times, but I don’t stay angry, because I’m too happy : )  I know some of you bristle when I say that, but hear me out.  I used to carry my “righteous anger” around with me everywhere, righteous because it happened to me and if I did the same thing to someone else, well of course they need to show me grace, what’s their problem anyway. I digress, I used to carry my anger for days and even weeks at a time, now it’s only seconds and it’s gone. All because I simply choose to be happy about me and not focus on the negative of a situation. A great tool to flip this switch is to ask yourself better questions, instead of: How could they do this to me? Ask a better question like:  How can I use this? or I wonder what they are going through to make them treat me this way?

Another tool is to post this quote from Erwin McManus in your office and home, “Life doesn’t bring you joy, rather you bring joy to life.”

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Manage the task and not the emotion.

December 6, 2014 in Uncategorized by Evan Money


It’s seems more and more we are driven to constantly “check” our e-mail, texts, twitter or whatever, without replying. The challenge is, this drains our mental energy faster than all the open apps on our phones battery. We end up carrying the emotion of what that person meant and how we are going to respond, what they did or didn’t say etc. If you want the magic bullet, here it is, simply manage the task instead of the emotion. Do not check unless you are going to respond.

The biggest challenge I have is when I underestimate the time it will take to respond. I get half way through an email or text and then the line moves or my bride gets out of the bathroom, now I have a massive energy drain with my half completed task weighing me down. Out of site out of mind is the best cure for this. I’m now purposely leaving my phone at home, in the hotel room or in the car, if I don’t have access to it, I’m free!  I’m convinced the real secret to breakthrough success is to simply get out of your own way.

I already know what your saying, you need to have your device with you for work or business, I get it. Fight for your limitations and they are yours! I’m not talking about going days without your phone, how about just eating lunch without it or running an errand without it. You may discover that you can actually relax and get this,  you make actually start to think for a change. Ever notice that you typically get your best ideas in the shower, why do you think that is? No phone, that’s why, the hot water helps too : )  Imagine tapping into that same state during the day, you can do it. Just stop checking all the time and you can’t check if it’s not with you.

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Change your words and change your life.

January 1, 2015 in Uncategorized by Evan Money

Words are dream makers or destiny breakers and it’s our choice. Life and death truly are in the power of our words. Most of you reading this are already nodding your heads as this isn’t the first time you have heard this. What I find so perplexing is that we all have a seemingly innate gift for saying negative and critical words, especially to ourselves. Why do we find it so hard to say something uplifting and encouraging even when we want to.

 Joel Osteen is the undisputed king of encouragement in the world today, and even he freely admits his negative self talk can get the worst of him at times. I have yet to crack the code on this seemingly negative DNA programing we have, was Adam like this in the garden of Eden I wonder?

The best thing I have figured out so far is to simply ask: “How can I use this?”  The quality of your life is based on the quality of questions you ask, to both yourself and others. Let’s stick to working on ourselves for this blog, ask yourself “How can I use my negative self talk?” Some people use it to create great comedy routines, Joel Osteen uses it to encourage and empower others by being more relate-able. I’m using it as a subject for this blog post : )  I would encourage you to use it as an action trigger, something that triggers the result you really want. For example, when you look in the mirror and that negative self talk starts. I.E. “I hate my body”, use that as a action trigger to say or think just the opposite in a question: “What is the one thing I do like about my body?” We all have one thing!

The negative self talk will always creep in, now you know how to use it to your advantage. I encourage you to Take Action on this principle and make 2015 the greatest year of your life.

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Invest in your health & expect returns.

February 18, 2015 in Uncategorized by Evan Money


What if you applied the same mindset of long term investing to your body? Enjoy this video:

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Do You Have Absolute Clarity?

April 14, 2015 in Uncategorized by Evan Money

Image result for clarity

The simple truth is, Taking Action is the only thing keeping you from living your dreams. However the real issue is, what is actually keeping you from taking the action in the first place. CLARITY. If we are not clear, we do not act! The bar, the club, the binge watching and the movies have such a powerful pull on an unclear mind. These escapes allow us to forget temporarily that we are not clear and not living our dream, no wonder we spend so much time here!

So how do we get Absolute Clarity? Here is a great exercise that I recently shared at the world famous Live Your Dream Seminar. It’s a paraphrase of a prayer form the prophet Isaiah, he says Lord send me projects that bring me Joy, Others Healing and You Glory. So let’s take it one at a time.

#1. What brings you Joy?

You know instantly but then your negative mind talks you out of it. Or your convinced it’s selfish so you try to banish the thought, how is that working out for you by the way? Joy is the true measure of success, so if you truly want to be successful take action on what brings you joy. For me it’s many things, so then I go to #2.

#2. Brings Others Healing.

You can also add the words: value, breakthrough, hope etc… What brings you joy that other people thank you for or are better off because you did it?  For me it’s my speeches and seminars, they bring me the most joy and others healing, breakthroughs and blessings. It’s the same with my movies and my business funding projects, when I fund someones movie or business, I now allow them to live their dream, bring others healing and God glory.

#3. God Glory.

Is God glorified in your misery or quite desperation? I don’t think so. He pre-loaded you with greatness, all you have to do is let it out. Many people get so spiritually confused, they say: ” I’m having so much fun doing this, it must be wrong.” Nothing can be further from the truth! What makes you come alive is what God put inside you to do. Now you still have to hone your craft and improve, but it’s like that with everything in life. So you might as well do what brings you joy, others healing and God glory.

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