People see you as you see yourself.

June 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

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When it comes to True Success, that is having success in your health, relationships and finances, by far the most popular questions are about relationships. One such question that comes up again and again is:
Why does my spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/boss etc. treat me so bad? The real answer is: because you give them permission to! Granted it’s mostly on a subconscious level but it’s true. People see you as you see yourself!

If you see yourself as not really worthy, guess what? That’s exactly how people see you and will treat you accordingly. So the problem isn’t with them, it’s with you.

I know, it’s tough to hear but it’s so true. If you want things to change in your relationships, you must change. You must grow and discover the masterpiece that lies within you. God already pre-loaded you with greatness, you just have to let the greatness out. It’s like the pre-loaded apps on your cell phone or tablet, you can not delete them, they are pre-loaded. So matter how many lame apps you download in your life, like the Failure App, the Bankruptcy App, the Divorce App, the Addict App or whatever, you still have your Greatness App pre-loaded and ready to use at any time.

You really are wonderful, it’s true.

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Words of Art Beyond The Movie.

May 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

My new book Words of Art Beyond The Movie is still under wraps, but due to popular demand of the movie I will share some of it here with you : )


One of the main questions I’m consistently asked as I do interviews around the world is, “Where did you get the idea for this movie?” It seems like such a simple question to answer; however, in my case it was quite a process.

The first seed was planted at Jim Rohn’s memorial service, which I attended in 2010. This was a one of a kind event with some of the biggest names in personal development, both past and present, attending and speaking. The most memorable speech for me was by Les Brown titled, Because Jim Spoke. During the talk, Les masterfully weaved that saying throughout the speech, giving specific examples of how his life was changed simply, because Jim spoke.

Later that evening, my good friend & star film composer Bryan E. Miller  bumped into Les as he was getting into his limo. He was gracious enough to stay and talk for a while. I was again, impacted and reminded where would Les be if he hadn’t heard Jim Rohn’s, Words of Art?

Now fast forward to mid 2012. I was watching a highly anticipated documentary on a subject that was near and dear to my heart. The “star,” whom made the documentary, has had great success in music, film and television. Therefore, I was really looking forward to watching their newest project.

After the film, I my first thought was “how hard can this be ? What can’t I do something like this?”  This was the same feeling I got before I started my radio show in Los Angeles back in 2004. I tell this story in detail in my first blockbuster book, Take Action Now, but the short version is simply this:

I was driving to lunch and listening to a sports talk radio show that in my opinion was lacking. So, rather than complain or do some hate blog, I took action and decided to start my own radio show. This was long before Internet radio took off in popularity. I simply called every terrestrial radio station in Los Angeles. Finally, I got a meeting with an FM station and in less than three weeks, I was on the air with my own sports talk radio show in the largest radio market in the world! Keep in mind, I had zero radio experience and never had any type of broadcast schooling.

This was the exact path I followed with this film. My first action step was to decide to actually make the movie. My next action step was to give it a title. I was not sure what I wanted to call it. A few days went by and I was in my shower. There, God literally gave me the title. He put into my mind, Words of Art. I immediately grabbed my waterproof tablet that I keep in my shower for just such occasions and I wrote the title down. I still have the piece of paper with my scribbled handwriting on it that reads, Words of Art.

My next action step was to find someone smarter than me to help me bring my vision to the big screen. I was wise enough to search out and find, one of the premier documentary directors to work with. I bumped into this director by “accident,” as I was attending an exclusive seminar for speakers and authors.

I called him a few days following the event and he said something quite interesting, and I quote: “Wow, Evan, you actually called me.” As I say in my popular seminars, many people talk about their dreams, very few take action. Thus, started this incredible journey of making, Words of Art.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the outpouring of wisdom from these remarkable thought leaders. I believe they sensed in me the true desire for learning. Because of that, they gave more than I could ever think or imagine. The downside of this unfortunately was I was not able to make a 22-hour movie. That’s how much footage we had to edit down to get to the final cut of Words of Art, a daunting task to say the least. Which is why, I’m compelled to write this book. To take you beyond the movie and share with you the wisdom and great Words of Art, that we were not able to get on the screen.

For some of these amazing artists, I have chosen to share with you their entire transcribed interview. For others, I selected only their personal insights to let you know their true heart.

Are you ready?
Then…Let’s Take Action Now!

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Love has no race.

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Academy Award winner Louis Gossett Jr. had the opportunity to produce and star in the first independent film in South Africa after Nelson Mandela was released from prison. The movie was called, “Inside.” During that stay, his good fortune was to be alone with Mr. Mandela for approximately fifteen minutes. The question he asked was: “The entire world was holding its breath to see what mood you’d be in when you came out of prison after twenty-seven years, and you came out with a smile. How did you manage to do that?”

Mandela’s answer was simply, “It is a much bigger picture.”

Mr. Gossett  took his words to heart and Mandela’s message dramatically changed his life.

Last night during the Oscars, Robin Givens interviewed Mr. Gossett on the red carpet and asked about the “race” issue some are making. His answer was profound, he said ” We need to understand that we are One People, Once and for All.” Or as I like to say, there is only one race, the human race.  The sooner we can all stop playing the color game, the sooner we can all see the “bigger picture.”

Louis Gossett Jr. has a Non Profit set up around this whole mindset, it’s called Eracism. Check it out: 

and remember, Love has no race.

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Why wait for the wedding?

January 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

Every year my daughter and I choreograph a Daddy Daughter dance. We perform it a our Home School Co-op “Talent” show. Talent is a stretch when it comes to my dancing : )  So why do I do it if I’m not the dancing type? I do it so I can make unforgettable memories with my daughter. You see, when we are practicing, I can’t check my phone or be pulled away by other distractions. It’s her and I and the music.

Over the last few years I have made a profound discovery. Whenever I attend a wedding, I focus mainly on the father of the bride. The reason is, his countenance tells me everything about the relationship with his daughter. More often than not it’s a look of regret and hidden sadness. It’s a look of “oh no, I missed it, why didn’t I invest the time when she was younger.” I realized I didn’t want to be “that guy.” I also realized I didn’t want the dance at the wedding to be a once in a lifetime occasion.

So every year my daughter and I embark on creating a new dance together and each year I must up my game to keep up with her. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Click here for the video:

Evan & Ashley Daddy Daughter Dance 2016Dad’s, why wait for her wedding?

Posted by Evan Money on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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Authenticity is the new currency.

January 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

$ ashley hug2

This is one of my all time favorite father – daughter pictures, why? Because we don’t have “cheesy” smiles. John Crowe our photographer, captured an authentic moment between my daughter and I, complete with laugh lines, crows feet and dimples : ).

Authenticity is the new currency, this world is starving for people to just be real. Bren`e Brown’s sudden rise to fame all started with a TedX talk where she revealed she was in therapy. Her authenticity struck a nerve with tens of millions of people, which lead to bestselling books and a partnership with Oprah.

People all over the world tell me how much they love it when I talk about my marriage tradition with my bride. We get remarried in a different state or country every year. It’s a total blast and keeps our marriage thriving and exciting. Think about it guys, how much better would you feel after 20 honeymoons? I believe people resonate with this for two reasons, #1. It gives people hope and #2. I’m being authentic by saying normal married life can really spoil a marriage, so we keep it fresh by staying in Newlywed mode. To see all 20 of our weddings (and me with hair) check out

So now lets talk about you, how can I help you let your greatness out? We are all pre-loaded with greatness you know, God put it in us and we can’t get rid of it, we just have to let it out in authentic ways. So when in doubt, be authentic and watch everything change for the better.

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In Sight, In Stomach.

December 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

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The #1 New Years resolution is always to “lose weight.” Question for all my intelligent readers around the world, what do you do the second you lose something?  That’s right, you go and look for it, no wonder you always gain the weight back. Words are dream makers or destiny breakers, so start using words that work. Remove “lose weight” from your vocabulary and replace that with “shed weight.” Do you ever look for the dead skin cells you shed?

Since we have gotten past that, lets remember that if it’s in sight, it’s in your stomach.  Do you think grocery stores accidentally put certain food items at the check out stations? What about in your own kitchen? A recent multi-million dollar clinical survey mapped out peoples kitchen in a large metropolitan area.  The wanted to know if it was the size of the kitchen or the appliances that had anything to do with people who were lean or those who were obese. What they discovered was extraordinary! The one consistent thing they discovered was that the obese people all had some type of snack food visible in their kitchen. Be it potato chips or even breakfast cereal, on the counter or on top of the fridge, it was somewhere in plain sight. What was in sight was in their stomach. So they key take away is, if you have to have food that is visible, make it fruit and vegetables only.

The next simple step to help you shed your weight, is simply not to buy it. If it’s not in your fridge, then you can’t eat it!  This is why online grocery shopping can be such an asset, just purchase healthy food and skip all the junk food and toxic snacks. For all my football fans, there is something about eating snacks while watching the game that enhances the experience. I get it!  I crave the BIG 3 as much as you do: SUGAR, SALT, FAT. Combine all three in one food and whoo hooo!!!!  Let’s stop now before we get too crazy. Instead of watching the game empty handed, I grab sugar snap peas and hummus. Low fat, low calorie, full flavor and it feels like snacking since it’s a finger food. So remember, if it’s in sight it’s in your stomach, so just have good but flavorful things in sight or in your pantry & fridge.

2016 will be your greatest year ever! Only if you Take Action on your intentions.

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The Truth about Shark Tank.

December 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

First off let’s be perfectly clear, this is not another jealous rant blog, the “sharks” are incredibly hard working, real entrepreneurs. Let me stress the hard working part, in fact it’s a 99.9% guarantee that they work harder than you do, even at their level of financial and business success.  Perhaps that’s why they have achieved and sustained the business success that they have. I know too many aspiring  would be entrepreneurs that want to leave the hard work part out of the equation.

The simple truth is, there is nothing real about reality T.V.  I have entered into to business discussions where first time entrepreneurs have said things like “I need to look at this deal like the sharks would.” So I explain to them that first off I’m not a shark and I’m not even in a tank. Secondly, the boring proposals or the ones the sharks don’t battle over, don’t get aired. Thirdly the sharks negotiate for 45 min to 2 hours and that gets edited down to 8 minutes or less.

The real challenge is, we live in a highlight reel world. We are only shown the end result and not all of the hard work. We totally over value the event or the show and under value the process. Here at Evan Money inc, we put on World Class game changing seminars, however it’s what you do after the event that counts. The real seminar starts when you walk out the door and Take Action on everything you have learned.

The simple truth is, there is no “magic bullet”, you have to put in the work, before, during and after. Then when you catch a break or meet a key contact or have an ah-ha moment,  you can actually apply it to something. Another way to put it is, what good are magic bullets if you don’t own a gun.

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Dr. Action.

October 27, 2015 in Uncategorized